Making Single Handed Care Everyday CareStanding Transfers for Single Handed Care (45-minute sessions) on Stand C65 on 22nd November at 11am and 2pm and on 23rd November at 11am

In this presentation, we will be looking at a range of ways to carry out Standing Transfers. Starting with an assessment of your clients’ needs and then looking at the different ways a Standing Transfer can be carried out. This will range from self-help or physically assisting a person through to the use of equipment. Whilst doing this we will be looking at how these transfers could be used to aid with Single Handed Care and reducing the costs of carrying out care.

  • How to assess a client’s ability to stand.
  • How to determine what type of equipment may be required.
  • How to use a range of standing transfer aids.


Presenter biography:

Richard Groves – Training Manager

Richard Groves, MSc, PGCE, is the training manager at HME Limited and has been a Moving and Handling advisor and trainer for over twenty years. He has been involved in Single Handed Care approaches for six years and, through HME provides Single Handed Care training for Occupational Therapists, Managers, Assessors and Care Staff.

Sessions proved to be very popular last year, to guarantee a good spot please let us know which session you would like to attend