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Alternating Pressure Mattress

Prices from: £1,604.99

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Product Description

The revolutionary Alternating Pressure Mattress is a high quality replacement mattress featuring alternating and static modes with exceptional adjustability.  The Alternating Pressure Mattress performs the same or better for less money. The Alternating Pressure Mattress has a double height small cell construction with arrays of micro low air loss (LAL) cells at the heels, sacrum and head.  The micro LAL cells deliver maximum immersion and comfort in these most vulnerable areas. Comfortably supporting clients up to 28 stones, the Alternating Pressure Mattress has a very wide range of functionality.  Pressure and cycle time can be adjusted to suit individual patient needs and body types with soft, medium and firm pressure setting options with additional adjustability within each setting and cycle times of 5,10,15 and 20 minutes. Key Alternating Pressure Mattress Features

  • Suitable for all patient shapes and sizes with a suggested lower weight limit of 5 stones and an upper weight limit of 28 stones
  • The ability to fine-tune cycle times and pressure settings 
  • Unique Auto Dual mode to help in “stepping down” patients
  • Clear, easy to operate digital control panel for plug-and-go setting up
  • Includes carry bag with wheels for portability
  • Superb pressure relief with PRI (Pressure Relief Index) figures equivalent to the very best systems on the market
  • Small cell sizes for maximum patient immersion and comfort
  • Micro LAL (Low Air Loss) cells in the most vulnerable areas (head, sacrum and heels)
  • Fail-safe construction with double height cells and 5cm foam base that prevents the risk of “bottoming out”
  • Mattress inflates to height of 15cm and weighs only 14.5kg including pump
  • Excellent spares support and technical backup
  • High-quality construction for long trouble-free life 
  • Exceptionally quiet compact pump