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Etac 4Way Glide Complete Set

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Product Description

The Etac 4Way Glide allows easy low friction movement to provide a permanent ‘on the bed’ solution for patients with reduced mobility, pain or pressure issues who require frequent repositioning and turning. This is the complete 4Way Glide set, made up of nylon under sheet and a top quilt with either a breathable PU or cotton surface. The nylon under sheet and top quilt work seamlessly together to create a low friction surface to enable movement in all directions, either manually or with the support of a hoist. The nylon under sheet has been specifically designed to incorporate a locking mechanism which allows for more control, as the non-slip section can simply be covered and uncovered depending on the amount of movement required during repositioning and turning.

Technical Specification

  • Consists of 2 parts, a top quilt and a nylon under sheet with locking mechanism that is fixed to the mattress
  • May be used manually or with a hoist to assist repositioning and turning
  • Top quilt available in either breathable PU or cotton
  • Top quilt machine washable to 80C / Nylon sheet can be washed up to 95°C
  • Non-slip material along the edge of the under sheet to prevent the user from sliding out of bed
  • Ideal for use with four-part profiling beds
  • Can be used on a pressure care mattress
  • Reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers
  • Demands minimal effort from carers
  • Ideal for use by a single carer