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Etac 4Way Glide Under Sheet

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Product Description

Etac 4Way Glide allows easy low friction movement to provide a permanent ‘on the bed’ solution for patients with reduced mobility, pain or pressure issues who require frequent repositioning and turning. This is one of the two components – the nylon under sheet. Its complimentary item, the Etac 4Way Glide Top Quilt can be bought separately here or the Etac 4Way Glide Complete Set can be bought here: Etac 4Way Glide: Top Quilt & Under Sheet Package. The Etac 4Way Glide Under Sheet is vital in the use of the complete Etac 4Way Glide system due to its locking mechanism, which allows for more control. The non-slip section can simply be covered and uncovered depending on the amount of movement required during repositioning and turning.