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Etac SatinSheet System

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Product Description

The Etac SatinSheet System covers many different levels of need. The SatinSheet System system can be used for everyone from a user with slightly reduced/impaired mobility that may be able to turn independently in bed, to a user with high need of caregiver assistance. When the need is increased, the base satin sheet can be combined with alternative draw sheets, whether that be a two-direction or a four-direction solution. SatinSheet 2Direction SatinSheet 2D has a low-friction satin area in the centre of the sheet that allows movement from side-to-side thus facilitating turning in bed. The edges of the sheet are of cotton/polyester and will brake movement, allowing the user to sit on the edge of the bed without slipping. SatinSheet 2D base sheet is available in three lengths. Mini provides low friction under the hip section, Midi covers also the shoulder section and Maxi covers the entire length of the bed. On Midi and Maxi lengths there is a choice of 60 or 70 cm satin width. SatinSheet 2D Maxi is available in four alternatives;

  • Maxi Flat sheet (240×200 or 200×200) is the standard and is tucked in as a normal bed sheet.
  • Maxi Corner sheet (90×200 cm) with elastic straps at the corners for fixing to the mattress
  • Maxi Fit sheet (90×200 cm) a fitted sheet with locking strings and the lower satin area coversthe entire width of the mattress to help with sliding the feet in and out of bed.
  • Maxi Double (280×200) a flat sheet for double bed with satin on one side.

SatinSheet 4Direction SatinSheet 4D is a draw sheet with satin on the underside and specifically adapted to be used in combination with a SatinSheet 2D underneath. The combination of a SatinSheet 2D base sheet with a SatinSheet 4D creates a system that allows movement in all directions. This solution is suitable for a user with limited mobility. SatinSheet Pillow The system includes a pillow case with satin material underside, which can be used for support when moving up or down in bed. The system includes incontinence pads that have satin material on the underside. When used in combination with a SatinSheet 2D it allows for movement in all directions. It has side wings that can be tucked in to lock the sheet in position as well as providing potential grip for the caregiver.