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Freeway Falls Recovery Sling

Prices from: £322.99

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Product Description

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling allows carers to safely transfer a person that needs assistance immediately after a fall.

The sling has a maximum weight capacity of 200kg. It has a versatile, one size fits all design, so is suitable for both adults and children.

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling allows for the fallen person to be rolled onto the sling whilst in a lying position.
Once moved onto to the sling, the person can be easily slid to a more open area if required, for the suitable positioning of a hoist.

The person can then be hoisted up off the floor and safely into a chair or bed.

How to use the Freeway Falls Recovery Sling

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling is easy to apply for a qualified carer.

The Freeway Falls Recovery User Guide provides full instructions how to safely use the product.

Our video provides a demonstration of how to use the Freeway Falls Recovery Sling, and highlights the process in which a person that has fallen is hoisted to a chair.

The video also highlights the many benefits and features of the sling.

Features & Benefits

Key benefits and features

  • Allows for safe transfer of a person that has fallen on the floor to a chair or bed
    High maximum weight capacity of 200kg (31.5 stone)
  • Clinically proven spacer material provides maximum comfort
    Easy application and removal
  • Low friction material for comfortable transfer and sliding of a person (the yellow side)
    Space saving storage and carry bag (integral)
    Machine washable

Warranty Information

1 year

Supporting Videos