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Additional Product Information

Freeway T40 Shower Chair

Product Description

The Freeway T40 Shower Chair is a highly versatile assistant propelled shower, toilet or commode chair that can be raised/lowered, extended forward, rear castors set back for amputee use, to name but a few of its applications.

The Freeway T40 features four total stop castors and footrests as standard.

The Freeway T40 is constructed from strong tubing in order to ensure a durable and long lasting shower, toilet and commode chair. The seat, backrest and armrests are made from a highly durable material which can be easily wiped clean to ensure optimal hygiene.

The protective coating of the shower chair includes FREECOTE® – our unique antimicrobial and antibacterial coating which is resistant against the hospital super bug MRSA, e-coli, salmonella and listeria.  Find out more about FREECOTE®

The Freeway T40 Shower Chair comes complete with an extensive 1 year warranty. Click here to view our service and repair and additional warranty options.

In addition to the standard T40, there are also variations to fit over Clos-o-Mat toilets and other automatic bidets:

Freeway T40 COM

The Freeway T40 COM is a version of the standard T40 which has been modified to work seamlessly with the Clos-o-Mat Samoa toilet.

Freeway T40 AUTO

The Freeway T40 AUTO is for use with automatic toilets including the Geberit 8000 range and Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita. Features pram handle backrest and seat with skirt as standard.

Freeway T4O Key Features & Benefits

  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 200kg (30 stone)
  • A highly versatile shower chair which can be made bespoke for a variety of applications
  • Versions available to fit over Clos-o-Mat toilets and other automatic bidets
  • Heavy duty total stop castors and footrests fitted as standard
  • Frame constructed from heavy duty, durable tubing in order to provide years of rust free performance
  • Durable seat, backrest and armrests can be easily wiped clean to ensure excellent levels of hygiene
  • Coating of the shower chair frame includes FREECOTE®, our unique antibacterial and antimicrobial coating. Find out more about FREECOTE®