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Lincoln 3-in-1 Assistive Bath Lincoln Raiser Bath Lincoln Spinal Support Bath

Gainsborough Lincoln 3-in-1 Assistive Bath

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Product Description

The Gainsborough Lincoln 3-in-1 assistive bath, available from Prism Medical UK, is designed for nursing care where spinal stability or specialised treatments are required.

The Lincoln is an exceptionally versatile 3-in-1 bathing solution that incorporates a hi-lo bath system, a changing table and a bathing/showering platform. Safe and simple to use, the hi-lo function allows the carer full access to the bather at a comfortable working height – without risk of back strain.

Perfect for paediatric or adult bathers, the integrated bathing platform and changing table come with removable back-rest and an adjustable foot-rest that ensure an optimal bathing position.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile 3-in-1 operation (hi-lo bath/changing table/bathing and shower platform)
  • Fully adjustable hi-lo bath ensures a safe, comfortable working height for carer
  • Featuring integrated BioCote anti-microbial technology as standard
  • Hinged platform to aid cleaning process
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handset control
  • 165kg safe lifting weight accommodates a wide variety of bather sizes
  • Thermostatic fill, Shower system and hoist access panels as standard
  • Left- or right-hand configurations adapt to any room configuration
  • 165kg (26 stone) safe lifting weight


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