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Immedia SatinSheet 2D Midi Set 3

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Product Description

This is the Immedia SatinSheet 2D Midi Set 3, a complete bed management system designed to provide low friction to the hip, shoulder and leg area. The set is made up of the following products (a base sheet and a drawsheet).

The two components in this set combine to make one of the most cost-effective bed management systems on the market, designed to enable carers to assist in turning and repositioning patients. The base sheet in the Immedia SatinSheet 2D Midi Set 2 is the ‘Maxi’ size, providing a full bed solution designed specifically to provide low friction to the hip, shoulder and leg area when turning and repositioning. The draw sheet is then placed on top to allow the patient to be turned and repositioned effortlessly. The centre of the Immedia SatinSheet 2Direction Maxi Base Sheet is made from low friction satin whilst the edges are constructed from cotton/polyester to provide a non-slip area, allowing the user to sit on the edge of the bed without sliding.

Technical Specification

  • A complete bed management system to assist with turning and repositioning
  • Minimises the risk of injury to carers
  • Maxi size base sheet covers the full bed, providing low friction to the hip, shoulders and leg area
  • Ideal for people who require extra assistance to the full body when turning and repositioning
  • Non-slip material along the edge of the base sheet to prevent the user from sliding out of bed
  • Ideal for use with four-part profiling beds
  • Can be used on a pressure care mattress
  • Can be ironed to improve slide function
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach