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Immedia SatinSheet 4Direction DrawSheet

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Product Description

This is the Immedia SatinSheet 4Direction DrawSheet, one of two components that make the complete SatinSheet System. The SatinSheet 4Direction DrawSheet has been specifically designed with satin on the underside to enable movement in all four directions when used in conjunction with an Immedia SatinSheet 2Direction Base Sheet. This makes it ideal for use with clients who are highly dependent and require assistance in both turning and moving up and down the bed. Combining the Immedia SatinSheet 4Direction DrawSheet with an Immedia SatinSheet 2Direction Base Sheet enables a safe working environment for a carer to assist in turning and repositioning users whilst also limiting the risk of potential injuries.

Technical Specification

  • For use in conjunction with a SatinSheet 2Direction Base Sheet
  • Available in two sizes: Midi and Maxi
  • Allows the caregiver to assist a user when moving in all four directions on the bed
  • Enables safe and secure turning and repositioning tasks to be completed with ease
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach