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Freeway M-Series Steel Mobile Hoists

Prices from: £1,002.99£1,220.99

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Product Description

The Freeway M-Series Steel Mobile Hoists, exclusively manufactured by Prism Medical UK are the result of years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying hoists, combined with the knowledge gained from working closely with the professionals and caregivers who use them.

Every aspect of M-Series Steel Mobile Hoists have been designed to make lifting and handling easier and safer for both client and caregiver. Its compact, ergonomic design makes it perfect for use in community or nursing environments.

There are two variations of the Freeway M-Series Steel Mobile Hoists – the M-150 and the M-175 which each equate to the maximum lifting capacity (in kg) of the hoist.

Now available with the option of the Freeway Quick Release System (QRS®) which allows carry bars and weigh scales to be safely and easily attached/removed without the need for tools.

The Freeway M-Series features on board charging as standard. To further increase the versatility of the hoist, it is also available with off board charging for those who prefer to charge the battery pack at a separate location away from the hoist.

Features & Benefits

Freeway M-Series Key Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed 4 button handset to enhance ease of operation
  • Ergonomically profiled push handles designed in conjunction with the REBA assessment tool allows for safe moving and positioning
  • The control box is recessed within the handles to avoid accidental contact with the emergency stop button
  • Powered leg opening allows the hoist to be positioned correctly for a stable and safer lift without restricting access around chairs and beds
  • 100mm front castors and 100mm rear castors (locking) allow for maximum control and positioning on all floor surfaces
  • 360° turn capability of the carry bar provides the carer with greater control during the lift and aids positioning without interference with the mast or boom
  • Quick Release System (QRS®) available as added extra
  • Rear foot bar helps to negoatiaite the hoist over uneven floor surfaces and door thresholds
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard
  • Control box includes a counter which records the usage of the hoist
  • On board charging as standard (Off board charging also available)
  • Coating of the hoist includes FREECOTE®, our unique antibacterial and antimicrobial coating.

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty*

To further our commitment in providing an enhanced service and quality assurance, all Freeway M-Series Mobile Hoists now come with a Lifetime Warranty (excluding batteries) when purchased with a Prism Service and Repair Package

*Terms & Conditions

The Lifetime Warranty is available on new purchases of Freeway M-Series and S-Series Mobile Hoists and Freeway SA-160 Stand Aids from 1st December 2015.

The Lifetime Warranty applies to the lifetime of the first product actuator only (minimum of 40,000 lift cycles).

If 40,000 lift cycles are reached and the actuator subsequently fails, a replacement actuator would need to be purchased. From this moment in time, the Lifetime Warranty would no longer be valid.

A service package from Prism Medical UK must be purchased to be eligible for the Lifetime Warranty.

The service package must be taken at the time of purchase of the hoist and must continue to be in place for the entire length of ownership of the hoist to make any warranty claims.

The warranty is valid only on product failure as a result of faulty parts (not external influences).

Product batteries are not included as part of the Lifetime Warranty.

Accidental, deliberate, or cosmetic damage not included.

Supporting Videos

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Model Specification   M150 M175
Maximum Weight Capacity 150 175
Maximum Lifting Height 1630 1770
Minimum Lifting Height 540 600
Internal Leg Open 1020 1040
Internal Leg Closed 620 620
Overall Length 1140 1240
Spreader Bar at Max Reach 1040 1240
Reach at Max Height 520 560
Reach at Min Height 420 500
Max Reach 735 810
Turning Radius 1200 1300
Legs Open – External Width 1120 1140
Legs Open – Internal Width 1020 1040
Legs Closed – External Width 720 720
Legs Closed – Internal Width 620 620
Overall Height of Legs 123 123
Ground Clearance 50 50
Front Twin Castors 100 100
Rear Braked Castors 100 100


Weights   M150 M175
Mast & Boom inc all fixings 15 19
Base Assembly 16 18
Assembled Unit 33 39
Battery 2 2