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Essentials Universal & Toileting Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Mackworth Essentials Toileting patient Sling Left Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Profile Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Front Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Profile 2 Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Left Mackworth Essentials Toileting Sling Back Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling right Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling Front Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling Profile Mackworth Essentials Universal Sling Left

Mackworth Essentials – Universal & Toileting Slings in Mixed Packs of 10

Prices from: £395.99

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Product Description

The Mackworth Essentials slings from Prism Medical UK are available to purchase in mixed packs of 10 and represent the greatest value sling option available to the market.

The range consists of the two ‘Essential’ slings required for the everyday moving and handling of people in safety and comfort – The ‘Universal’ sling for general transfers and moving and handling, and the ‘Toileting’ access sling.

They benefit from the same rigorous ergonomic design procedures and quality checks as our other trusted Mackworth slings and are constructed from high quality quilted polyester material.

We are able to offer these slings to you at a significantly reduced cost as they are stripped down to their essential components to reduce manufacturing complexity.

Please select use the package option selector to choose your pack of 10 slings.


Mackworth Quilted Material

Quilted (Grey)

A padded and quilted polyester fabric which enhances patient comfort. (Image shown at 25% of the original image)


Essentials Slings Mixed Packs of 10 Options:

Option 1: Toileting Sx10.

Option 2: Toileting Mx10.

Option 3: Toileting Lx10.

Option 4: Toileting Sx5, Mx5.

Option 5: Toileting Mx5, Lx5.

Option 6: Toileting Sx2, Mx5, Lx3.

Option 7: Universal Jx10.

Option 8: Universal Sx10.

Option 9: Universal Mx10.

Option 10: Universal Lx10.

Option 11: Universal XLx10.

Option 12: Universal Mx5, Lx5.

Option 13: Universal Mx5, Lx4, XLx1.

Option 14: Universal Sx1, Mx4, Lx4, XLx1.

Option 15: Universal Sx2, Mx3, Lx3, XLx2.

Option 16: Universal Jx1, Sx2, Mx3, Lx3, XLx1.

Option 17: Universal Jx2, Sx2, Mx2, Lx2, XLx2.

Option 18: Universal Sx5, Toileting Sx5.

Option 19: Universal Mx5, Toileting Mx5.

Option 20: Universal Lx5, Toileting Lx5.

Option 21: Universal Sx2, Mx3, Toileting Sx2, Mx3.

Option 22: Universal Mx2, Lx3, Toileting Mx2, Lx3.

Option 23: Universal Mx3, Lx2, Toileting Mx3, Lx2.

Option 24: Universal Sx1, Mx2, Lx2, Toileting Sx1, Mx2, Lx2.

Option 25: Universal Sx1, Mx2, Lx2, XLx1, Toileting Sx1, Mx2, Lx1.

Option 26: Universal Jx1, Sx1, Mx2, Lx1, XLx1, Toileting Sx1, Mx2, Lx1.





Features & Benefits

  • Greatest value available without compromising on quality
  • High quality quilted polyester construction
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Only essential features and components are included to minimise cost
  • Universal slings available in junior, small, medium, large and extra large
  • Toileting slings available in small, medium and large

Warranty Information

1 Year

Technical Specification

Essentials Universal Slings Sizing (mm)

Essentials universal dimensions

Essentials Toileting Slings Sizing (mm)

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