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Yew Easy Fit Sling Parasilk SideYew Easy Fit Sling Parasilk FrontYew Easy Fit Sling ParasilkYew Easy Fit Sling Parasilk backYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester Solid ProfilePolyester Solid MaterialYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester Solid SideYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester Solid FrontYew Easy Fit Sling Supersoft Head ProfileYew Easy Fit Sling Supersoft backYew Easy Fit Sling Supersoft HSFrontYew Easy Fit Sling Supersoft SideYew Supersoft Spacer MaterialYew Easy Fit Sling Supersoft ProfileYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester Solid BackYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester SolidYew Quilted MaterialYew Easy Fit Polester HS SideYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester HSYew Easy Fit Sling ParasilkYew Universal Easyfit SideYew Easy Fit Sling Polyester MeshYew Easy Fit Sling SupersoftYew Easyfit Polyester SideYes Easy Fit Polyester SolidYew-Universal Easyfit Parasilk Full Side

Mackworth Yew Universal Easyfit Sling

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Product Description

The Mackworth Yew is a universal easy fit sling, which is shaped to provide separate leg supports, allowing a much easier application. This product encourages good hip positioning, while providing total body support throughout the lifting procedure. The Yew is particularly suitable for certain amputee patients. Our fabrics, cuts and sizes are developed to suit most patient demographics. Yew is easy to apply from both the lying and sitting positions, and can be manufactured with a range of webbing heights or even our latest patented Dosec® clip technology..


Mackworth Polyester SolidPolyester Solid (Grey)

A smooth knitted polyester fabric of a solid consistency for multidisciplinary use. (Image shown at 200% of the original image)


Mackworth Polyester MeshPolyester Mesh (Grey)

A versatile, breathable and durable polyester mesh, used mainly for bathing/pool use.  (Image shown at 100% of the original image)


Mackworth Parasilk Material Parasilk (Aqua Marine Blue)

A smooth, lightweight, low friction, woven polyester fabric. Ideal for quick drying, when speed of re-cyclability is of upmost importance. (Image shown at 200% of the original image)

Mackworth Supersoft Spacer MaterialSupersoft Spacer (Black)

A “supersoft” breathable, stretch capable fabric, which is also padded for comfort during longer periods of transfer. (Image shown at 100% of the original image)





Features & Benefits

  • Modesty loop: Protects patient dignity
  • Dual sided positioning handles: Encourages ease of maneuverability
  • Colour coded straps: Height adjustable for multi=patient application
  • Colour coded binding: Determines sling size by use of a neat boundary
  • Embroidered wight & serial number label: LOLER compliant – does not wash out at high temperatures
  • Webbing pocket: Allows tidy storage of webbing when not in use

Warranty Information

1 Year

Additional Product Information

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