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Prism One Way Glide Sheets

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Product Description

Prism One Way Glide Sheets help a patient maintain a good sitting position, allowing repositioning on a chair or bed.

The one-way glide will only slide in the direction of the arrows, which are clearly labelled on the sheets. Four variations of the sheet are available:

Features & Benefits

Key benefits and features

  • Helps prevent a patient sliding forward in a wheelchair/day chair/bed
  • Aids the repositioning of a patient into a good sitting position
  • Can be used on all surfaces
  • Large size is suitable for use on bed to prevent sliding down when the bed head is elevated

Warranty Information

Extensive 1 year warranty

Technical Specification

Product Code Description Size (mm)
PM-OWGT6043 One Way Glide Tube – Chair 600 x 430
PM-OWGT8060 One Way Glide Tube – Bed 730 x 600
PM-OWGS7043 One Way Glide Single – Short 700 x 430
PM-OWGS14043 One Way Glide Single – Long 1400 x 430