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Closomat Palma Vita and Lima Vita Wash & Dry Toilets

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Product Description

The Palma Vita has been purpose-designed to combine a conventional WC with integrated washing and drying. It is the only toilet of its kind, specifically developed for elderly and disabled people, that is designed to properly support the user AND position them correctly for effective washing and drying. Please note that a wall-hung version is available in the Lima Vita.

How it works:

  1. Press either elbow pad while standing for conventional flush.
  2. Press elbow pad while seated, and hold down for approximately 10-15 seconds. Flushing and warm water washing will then take place.
  3. Warm air drying automatically follows when elbow pad is released.

Features & Benefits

  • Simultaneous flushing and washing
  • Improved personal hygiene – cleaning with water not paper
  • Can be used at all times as a conventional WC
  • Combines functions of a WC and bidet with addition of drying air
  • UK-made in a dedicated plant
  • Closomat’s unique system allows the user to benefit from the toilet’s automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the elbow pad
  • User-friendly system guarantees the most hygienic toilet performance
  • Simple ‘hands free’ action automatic flushing, warm water washing and warm air drying
  • Customised to suit individual needs
  • Installation and service support available
  • Complies with current electrical regulations
  • Maximum load: 190Kg/30St

Supporting Videos

Technical Specification

Maximum load: 190Kg / 30St