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Prism A-205 Mobile Hoists (75mm Castors)

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Product Description

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The Prism A-205 Aluminium Mobile Hoist is a versatile hoist offering innovative design and a host of features while providing a cost effective solution for easy transfers.

The aluminium frame is made to offer the highest lifting capacity, yet is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

This hoist comes complete with a quick release carry bar, making it easy to attach weigh scales if required.

When it comes to lifting ability, the Prism A-205 Aluminium Mobile Hoist provides exceptional versatility as the mast can be assembled at three different heights, allowing clients to be lifting from the floor or onto high surfaces such as changing benches.

Features & Benefits

  • Massive 32 Stone/200kg Lifting Capacity
  • Aluminium frame lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Exceptional versatility as the mast can be assembled at three different heights
  • Electric opening legs as standard
  • 75mm castors allows access under low threshold equipment
  • Digital control box with diagnostic capability and tracking of hoist usage
  • Quick release carry bar allows weighing scales to be attached

Technical Specification

A-205 (75mm) Specification