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Prism Deluxe Support Sling with Head Support

Prices from: £158.99£218.99

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Product Description

The Prism Deluxe Support Sling with Head Support is both supportive and comfortable, and is designed to accommodate most clients.

This particular sling features a head support, which offers some extra support while being hoisted to and from a supine position. The head support supplied with the sling differs depending on the choice of sling material.

Padded head support is supplied on the polyester/slipfit variant, while a taped support is supplied on the polyester mesh, spacer and slipfit variants.

The way in which this sling has been designed means that is is particularly comfortable underneath the leg sections, as the shape of the sling helps keep the leg sections flat and prevents creases.

The Deluxe Support Sling is available in three materials, each providing a number of different benefits to the user.

Polyester Slipfit Sling Material The Deluxe Support Sling Sling in Polyslip material is a great all-rounder as it can be used for general transfers as well as bathing. Slipfit material has been fitted on the outer leg section to make fitting and removing the sling easier.


Polyester Mesh Sling MaterialThe polyester mesh version of the Deluxe Support Sling is perfect for those who require a sling for bathing. The padded sections are made up with non-absorbent foam which helps reduce the soak up of water.




Features & Benefits

  • Quilted leg sections and no binding on outer leg section for added comfort (except spacer material)
  • Versatile – can be used in a divided leg or crossover position
  • Specifically shaped to prevent creases under the leg section
  • Head support
  • Three materials available

Warranty Information

1 year

Technical Specification

Prism Slings are available in a number of sizes depending on the sling of choice. Please note that a free assessment is available on all Prism brand slings.


Dimensions are in millimeters.

All slings are available with or without head support

All dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 20mm

Prism Slings include colour coded bindings around the edge of the sling to help identify the sling size. Sling sizes are in accordance with the maximum weight capacity as indicated in the table below.

Prism Slings Weight and Colour Guide

The sling sizing is for guidance only – an assessment should be conducted by a competent person in order to determine the correct size of sling for the individual.

XX Large slings are available on request with an assessment.


Additional Product Information

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