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SA-200 Front Side Down Legs Closed
SA-200 Front On Down Legs ClosedSA-200 Full Side Down Legs ClosedSA-200 Back Side Down Legs ClosedSA-200 Back Side Legs OpenedSA-200 Full Side Up Legs OpenedSA-200 Front Side Up Legs OpenedSA-200 Front On Up Legs OpenedPrism SA-200 – Rear Foot PlatePrism SA-200 – Adjusting Leg Support

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Technical Specification

Safe Working Load 200 kg (440lbs)
Material Anodized/ powder coated
Base: length/height 1035mm/110mm
Leg width inside: closed/open 580mm/890mm
Leg width outside: closed/open 680mm/990mm
Total width of the lift (base legs closed) 680mm
Power Supply 24 Volt Linak Battery
Lifting Motor 24 Volt Linak with manual emergency lowering

Additional Product Information

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Prism SA-200 Aluminium Stand Aid


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Product Description

The Prism SA-200 Aluminium Stand Aid is a sit to stand hoist which delivers a smooth and versatile lift for patients who can participate actively in the transfer.

Once in a standing position the client can be easily transferred to a wheelchair or commode while delivering valuable standing training.

The Prism SA-200 Aluminium Stand Aid allows for a wide range of adjustments to the leg supports and the lifting bar to accommodate the support and comfort needs of the client.

This allows the carer to adapt the transfer of pain sensitive or clients paralysed on one side, with no need for additional equipment.

Prism SA-200 Aluminium Stand Aid Key Features & Benefits

  • Safe working load 200 kg
  • On board charging
  • Control box with diagnostic capability and tracking of hoist usage
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering functions fitted as standard
  • Additional leg support included for added security
  • Dual wheel 80mm casters offer maximum control and a smooth ride. Rear casters have locking feature
  • Lifting bar has multiple depth settings to allow for client comfort especially when positioning and support are critical
  • Leg support can be adjusted in width and height or removed if necessary
  • Removable foot rest
  • Base width can be easily adjusted by a foot pedal release mechanism at the rear of the hoist