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Wessex Range of Lifts

Product Description

Prism Medical UK are proud to work in partnership with Hampshire based company, Wessex Medical Equipment Ltd, to offer a range of lifts to solve access problems for wheelchair users in both domestic and public access environments.

Low Rise Step – SP500

Wessex Low Rise Step Lifts are designed for short travel to a maximum height of 500mm

Typical installation of this type of step lift will be alongside an existing, short internal staircase or external steps, to allow access to the building with a wheelchair or by people who have difficulty with step.


Low Rise Platform – LR800 / LR900 / LR1100

Open Platform Lifts are designed to move between two levels only Installation of this lift type tends to be alongside an existing, short internal staircase or external steps, to allow access to the building with a wheelchair, or by people who have difficulty using steps.Typical height of the lifts is up to 2m.Many existing buildings have been constructed in such a way that it is either impractical or not cost effective to install a conventional lift.Suitable protection in the form of sides, doors or guard rails are present and space can be allowed for a carer to accompany the user.

Liberty Open Lifting Platform

Liberty Open Lifting Platforms are installed to give easy access to homes, buildings and public premises, where a change in level (usually overcome by steps) inhibits wheelchair users.

Open Liberty Lifts may be wall mounted or free-standing and are designed to be installed internally or externally.

The lifts are manufactured to suit individual applications up to a lifting height of 2m and may have front or side entry.

Through Floor Lift

Through Floor Lifts, enable an individual to move from one floor to another within their home. 

Although versions are available that carry a seated or standing passenger, most are designed for wheelchair users. 

They enable wheelchair users to travel between floors in their wheelchair, avoiding the need to transfer from the wheelchair and onto, for example, a stairlift. 

Straight Platform Lifts

Straight platform lifts are designed to move people in wheelchairs simply, smoothly and easily between two levels. 

Normally these are designed to follow the line of an existing staircase. This type of lift is particularly useful where existing passenger lifts are situated up a short flight of stairs, or for entry to a building where the reception area is up a number of steps.

Safety devices around the platform ensure safe and secure travel. The platform generally folds away for convenience.