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HME Other Services

Research has proved training is only successful when combined with proper management systems, HME can provide all the resources and guidance you need to get the best results from training and ensure compliance with the law. Our management systems have been designed and tested with a wide range of organisations and acknowledged as a benchmark by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).


We can save you time and effort with our years of experience in policy development, whether you need to write a new policy or develop an existing one to properly reflect your organisation's specific needs, we can advise.

People handling risk assessments

Our competent team has expertise in conducting manual handling risk assessments in a wide range of settings, including those involving clients/patients in complex or potentially controversial circumstances where close scrutiny and consideration of all factors are required, e.g. other legislation such as the Human Rights Act, Mental Capacity Act..

Load handling risk assessments

We also carry out load handling assessments in a range of settings, e.g. catering, retail, manufacturing, airports, waste and recycling services.

Occupational therapist assessments

Our own occupational therapists can provide a prompt service to assess client's needs, design handling plans and advise on suitable equipment.

Ergonomic workplace assessments

Our ergonomist can carry out onsite assessments to identify ergonomics problems and advise you on design options to ensure health and safety and maximise employees' capabilities, this includes DSE assessments, redesign of workplaces and management systems.

Manual handling audits

HME has designed and tested a range of audit tools which are compatible with HSE and professional guidelines and the All Wales Manual Handling Training Passport and Information Scheme e.g.

  • Management systems audit – based on HSG65, successful health and safety management and audits the 5 essential steps; policy, organisation, planning, monitoring and review.
  • Observational audit for patient/client transfers – an onsite observation audit of moving and handling methods used.
  • Training audit – designed to evaluate training delivery and considers: pre training preparation, trainer specification, training venue and equipment, training content, methodology and post training follow up.


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