Prism Medical UK once again featured on the DIY-SOS series, aired on BBC One Friday 9th June at 8.55pm. This time the voluntary installation was the biggest one we’ve done so far, alongside the ‘Purple shirts’ in helping transform the life of a deserving family in need of comfortable and suitable home to live and grow in.

In this family home Prism installed three H- Tracking systems interlinking two bedrooms and a bathroom, for the ease of transfer between each room using Freeway Transactive Xtra ceiling track hoist.


The Isle of Sheppey in Kent is home to an extraordinary family – two boys and two girls brought together by two dads. Head teacher Garry and social carer Kyle first fostered then adopted four vulnerable children, three with complex special needs, because they wanted to give them the best life possible. Unfortunately their tired, crammed three-bed bungalow then threatened their family’s future.

They desperately needed space and dignity, but for Nick Knowles and his team the only option was to knock the entire house down and start again. Nick and the team were about to take on one of their most ambitious home builds ever. The team planned to demolish the bungalow and in just nine days build an entirely new bespoke five-bedroom home for this inspiring family.

Garry and Kyle first adopted Haydn, who has cerebral palsy, and then Curtis, who was adopted at four months old and is severely epileptic, blind and prone to life-threatening chest infections and also has cerebral palsy.

The two dads then fostered sisters Bella, who was six, and Phoebe, who was one. Bella has Down’s syndrome, so when there was a hint that the sisters may be split up, they decided to offer a lifeline to both girls and applied to adopt.

Taking on four children with so many needs is a challenge for any family, but living in a tiny bungalow is another hurdle, and every room was bursting with medical supplies. Haydn is now 13 and a growing lad, and he needed some independence. He couldn’t get out of the front door without somebody helping him. Curtis, now six, has the greatest medical needs and slept in the living room, which was also their dining room.

Bella is now 11 but had a makeshift bedroom in the boot room, and they all shared just one toilet in the only bathroom. The flimsy structure and impractical design of the house meant it was best to demolish the property, but that’s an enormous undertaking.

Garry and Kyle have built an amazing family – now DIY SOS and their team of volunteer trades had an almighty challenge, never before attempted on the programme, to build an entirely new home in just nine days. This was all made possible thanks to the amazing goodwill, hard work and generosity of the local community and trades.