Ensuring Safety and Quality: Unveiling the Standards Behind Our UK-Made Slings

A picture of a lady in a sling, with a "Manufactured in the UK" logo, alongside a list with the following text 1. Meet ISO guidelines, 2. CE-marked, 3. Rigorously tested, 4. UK-manufactured, 5. Five day lead time

Slings are a vital part of a healthcare provider’s toolkit and essential for ensuring patient comfort and safety. They facilitate the transfer of individuals with mobility challenges. Whether for short-term or long-term use, slings are vital in enhancing the quality of life for patients. It is therefore critical that these slings adhere to stringent safety standards.

At Prism Medical UK, we pride ourselves on the quality of our slings, which are all CE-marked and meet the ISO 10535 guideline, which details the requirements and test methods for hoists used to transfer persons.

We manufacture our slings from flame-retardant materials and thoroughly test them to guarantee their washability for the recommended number of cycles. This stringent testing minimises the risk of contamination, ensuring the sling maintains its weight-bearing capacity post-wash.

The sling is tested at 1.5 times its safe working load and undergoes multiple lift cycles to assess its performance with repeated use:

  • 500 lift cycles for reusable (washable) slings
  • 100 lift cycles for disposable slings

Also, did you know that our slings are all handmade in the UK? We sew tens of thousands of slings every year! A lot of skill and craftsmanship goes into producing a sling. Six people produce the average Prism Medical UK sling; this includes cutting the fabric to shape, sewing in the padding, adding the webbing and quality checks of the final sling. By manufacturing our slings in the UK, we can be confident in our quality control processes, with every single sling receiving a visual inspection before it is packaged up for dispatch.

Please explore our website if you’d like to learn more about Prism Medical UK slings. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Services team at [email protected] or 01924 840100.