COVID-19: what is essential maintenance work?

Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) position

LEIA members are committed to working to government instructions and guidance on controlling the spread of COVID-19. Many in our industry are involved in roles on site to carry out essential work on sites critical to the COVID-19 response and to keep equipment and users safe, and in support of site work with parts and equipment. They therefore need to leave their homes to carry out this work and so fall into the category of “but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home”.

We note that employers and employees will need to assess whether their work is absolutely necessary and have set out below our guidance on what might be considered essential work requiring people to leave home.

Lifts, escalators and moving walks, lifting platforms and stairlifts remaining in service in critical locations.

We believe that equipment which is kept in service as part of the operation of buildings or infrastructure critical to the COVID-19 response must continue to be Thoroughly Examined when these become due and to be maintained. Such work is therefore considered to be essential along with attending breakdowns and trap-ins.

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) update.

19th March 2020

In light of the rapidly changing situation in the UK and across the world, we are writing to advise the specific activities & measures we have put in place to ensure we continue to provide our usual high-quality products & services, whilst also protecting our; customers, staff, stakeholders, suppliers and our families.

Our accreditation and repair services are deemed by the NHS as ‘essential’ for the health and care markets. We are here to help, and we will continue to provide services to our customers in; long term care, community, education and homecare. At the time of writing, we have no concerns about an outbreak occurring at any of our offices, and we have had no confirmed cases amongst any of our people.

However, it is important that we are fully prepared as the situation in the UK continues to develop. As well as reinforcing good hygiene practices and appropriate distancing throughout the company, we have taken the following measures to ensure: employee wellbeing, business continuity and ongoing product/service provision:

  • Our business continuity team will ensure that the business continues to operate throughout the current pandemic.
  • All offices are now occupied by essential personnel only, key workers are ‘agile’ and enabled to work from home. All showrooms are closed to external visitors until further notice.
  • We have developed protocols that enable us to transfer activities between sites, should one or more sites become compromised. Our phone & IT systems are multisite and can be managed from any facility.
  • All our field-based staff will comply with customer/client site access & HSQE protocols and adhere to our CV19 modified risk assessment protocols – whichever is the greater.
  • Any member of staff, either office or field based who exhibits symptoms or whose immediate family exhibits symptoms will be required to seek medical advice and self-isolate as per HM Government advice.
  • All international business-related travel has been stopped until further notice. UK business travel has been minimised.

Supply of product and services

  • We can confirm continuity of supply of raw materials and components as well as imported finished goods. We currently enjoy good stock levels, and as a UK based manufacturer we have the ability and capacity to support our customers in the coming months.
  • These ‘essential’ services will be provided in a compliant way that supports the safety and well-being of; our staff, our customers, their customers and all our families.
  • Our field based commercial & customer services teams are there to help and ensure ongoing communication and action. They will respect our customers’ access and contact policies and continue to be available to support as required. All customers will have a minimum of three contact points to enable continuity.
  • Regarding individual cities, towns and postcodes. It is not possible to predict where or how severe the impact of Corona Virus (Cv19) will be. Prism has the benefit of being a national company and has the ability to deploy additional engineers, installers and assessors from our UK team to temporarily support affected areas. This redeployment will be determined based on customer/client need.
  • The wellbeing of our staff is paramount, and it is not expected that we carry out visits where the client has been to a heavily infected area recently, or if the user or other members of the household has suspected coronavirus.

These are unpredictable times and we are closely monitoring updates regarding the current pandemic and will align with any change in advice or guidance from either HM Government or the NHS. Our goal is to continue to support our customers, users, their carers & families through this challenging period.

Best regards

Paul H Morton
Chief Commercial Officer
Prism Group.

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Prism Medical Acquires Harvest Healthcare.

Harvest Healthcare Ltd (Harvest) has been acquired by moving, handling and bathing specialist Prism Medical UK Ltd (Prism).

Harvest is an established provider of pressure area care and moving & handling products based in Rotherham, UK. Harvest has an excellent reputation for its national services and has a strong customer base of Long Term Care companies and Local Authorities. The combined Prism-Harvest range of products and services will allow both companies to provide an even broader value add offering to its customers. Harvest will continue to operate as a stand alone company, within the Prism Group. The acquisition of Harvest expands the Group’s offering to cover pressure area care, moving & handling and accessibility products and services, substantially increasing the Group’s reach in care homes, hospitals and the community.

Neil Davis, Managing Director of Harvest; “I am proud to have the opportunity to lead Harvest forward into this exciting new era, and to continue the positive development of our company. Our focus will always be to work in long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, to support the delivery of exceptional resident and patient care, at an affordable price, and to try to make everyone’s lives a little easier. I really enjoy working with the fantastic people in this industry, and am very happy that our new ownership structure will help us to continue our successful growth, to the shared benefit of our customers, our staff, and our supply chain partners.”

Stuart Meldrum, Chief Executive of Prism Medical said: ““I am delighted that Harvest have joined the Prism Group. Neil and the team have always focussed on providing the best service to their customers and with Neil continuing as Managing Director of Harvest this focus will continue into the future. Together we can provide even more value to our customers”

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Prism Medical Acquires Care-Ability Healthcare.

County Durham-based Care-Ability Healthcare Ltd (Care-Ability) has been acquired by moving, handling and bathing specialist Prism Medical UK Ltd.

Care-ability is an established moving and handling product and services provider based in Washington, County Durham. Care-ability manufacture a range of quality sling products along with delivering installation and service support and has built up an excellent reputation for both the products and after-sales support they offer to customers including the NHS and Local Authorities.

The acquisition increases Prism Medical’s product and service offering along with increasing the UK manufacturing footprint and brings expert knowledge and skills to its customer base particularly in the North East of England.

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Prism Medical Acquires Assured Healthcare Scotland to expand its reach.

Stirling-based Assured Healthcare (Scotland) Ltd, has been acquired by moving, handling and bathing specialist Prism Medical UK Ltd.

Assured Healthcare (Scotland) Ltd, is an established and trusted supplier to the healthcare sector with over 20 years’ experience in the installation, servicing and repair of patient lifting and bathing equipment. Having worked closely with the health service, local councils and care homes, Assured have earned a reputation for providing a high quality service and exceptional customer care. With their expert advice and recommendations they provide a value added offering to their customer base.

The acquisition increases Prism Medical’s service offering in the UK and brings with it expert knowledge and skills to its existing customer base as well as offering a value proposition to new customers.

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