In times of emergency, the safety and well-being of individuals with limited mobility is paramount. The Prism Evacuation System is a reliable solution when evacuating those in need.

1. What is the Prism Evacuation System?

The Prism Evacuation System is a specialised apparatus designed to ensure the swift and secure evacuation of individuals with limited mobility during emergencies. While emergency evacuations may be infrequent occurrences, it is vital to be prepared. This system has been meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and efficient means of transferring individuals to safety, particularly those with limited mobility.

Prism Evacuation System
The Prism Evacuation System allows for efficient transfer during an emergency.
Prism Evacuation System
The individual needing evacuation can be comfortably secured using the adjustable straps

2. How does the Prism Evacuation System work?

During an evacuation scenario, the Prism Evacuation System comes into its own by facilitating a safe and swift transfer process. The individual in need of evacuation can be comfortably secured within the system using its adjustable straps, after which they can be smoothly transported to a place of safety. Whether transitioning from a bed or another surface, the Prism Evacuation System provides the necessary support and ease of transfer, ensuring the user remains stable throughout the process.

The system incorporates bone supports, enhancing the protection and support offered during evacuation procedures.

3. What are the features and benefits of the Prism Evacuation System?

The Prism Evacuation System boasts a range of features that make it an ideal solution for emergency evacuations:

  • Safety First: With a robust, safe working load of 190 kg (30 stone), the system offers peace of mind to users and caregivers, ensuring safe and secure transfers.
  • Comfort and Security: The system is designed for user comfort, featuring adjustable padding that enhances comfort and safety during evacuation.
  • Multiple Grip Points: Vertical and horizontal looped handles are incorporated, providing caregivers with various secure grip points for more controlled and safer transfers.
  • Adaptability: The adjustable straps of the Prism Evacuation System can accommodate individuals of varying sizes, ensuring that it can be effectively used for a wide range of patients.
  • Hygiene and Maintenance: For ease of use and upkeep, the system is easily wiped clean, maintaining hygiene standards in all situations.
  • Compact and Convenient: When not in use, the Prism Evacuation System can be neatly stored in its carry case, ensuring that it is readily accessible when needed most.
Prism Evacuation System
Prism Evacuation System

The Prism Evacuation System offers a lifeline during emergencies, providing a secure and efficient means of evacuation. Whether in a healthcare facility, residential setting, or any environment where mobility is restricted, the Prism Evacuation System stands ready to ensure that those in need are swiftly and safely transported to safety.

Find out more about the Prism Evacuation System.

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As part of a number of processes designed to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, an increasing number of authorities are adopting the ‘Single Handed Care‘ model to those who have been assessed as suitable for such a care package.

Prism Medical UK has vast experience in assisting authorities to deliver Single Handed Care, and we have developed a range of products specifically for the use of a single carer.

One of the most popular Single Handed Care products in the Prism range is the 4Way Glide, a complete bed management system that makes turning and positioning a client simple and safe for the client and a sole carer.

Below is a short video demonstration, highlighting the benefits of using the 4Way Glide in a Single Handed Care environment.

Enabling Single Handed Care: The 4Way Glide


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A huge thank you to all the Occupational Therapists who visited the OT Show, it was great to see everyone. The show proved to be very busy with lots of interest shown on our Moving and Handling products and Single Handed Care. We will now be following up on all enquiries so we will be in touch soon. It’s already been a busy and exciting year at Prism Medical. We have strengthened our regional OT support centres with new dedicated training facilities and extra qualified assessors and sales support staff.










If you wish to enquire about any of the products which we showcased at OT Show or you would like a free assessment or product demonstration, please contact us via email [email protected] or call us on 01924 840 100.

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Introducing the new Mackworth Essentials sling range

Reduce costs without compromising on quality

We’re proud to launch a new range of high quality moving and handling slings to assist our high volume customers drive down costs on ‘essential’ equipment.

The new Mackworth Essentials slings from Prism Medical UK are available to purchase in mixed packs of 10 and represent the greatest value option available to the market.

The range consists of the two ‘Essential’ slings required for the everyday moving and handling of people in safety and comfort, Universal and Toileting. They are both available in small, medium and large sizes (Universal Slings are now also available in Junior and Extra Large sizes).

They benefit from the same rigorous ergonomic design procedures and quality checks as our other trusted Mackworth slings and are constructed from high quality quilted polyester material.

We are able to offer these high quality products to you at a significantly reduced price, compared to other Mackworth lines, as they are stripped down to their essential components to reduce cost and manufacturing complexity.


  • Greatest value available without compromising on quality
  • Available in small, medium and large (junior and extra large on Universal models are also available)
  • Only essential features and components are included to minimise cost

High quality quilted polyester construction

  • Manufactured in the UK

*Price dependent on order quantity and content mix. Minimum pack size of 10.

Mackworth Essentials Universal SlingMackworth Essentials Toileting Sling

For more information call 0800 779 7218 or
email [email protected]

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We are delighted to announce the launch of Prism Medical’s ‘South Regional Service Centre’ on 1st May

It’s always exciting to announce new services that benefit our valued customers; so it’s great to announce the launch of our Prism South Regional Service Centre in Winchester.

Prism South Team from the left: Steve Lucas Senior Assessor, Elaine Butler Key Accounts, Alasdair Holdsworth Service Performance Manager, Stacy Thornton Assessor Scheduler, Pete Davis Senior Assessor, Lynne Betts General Manager, Molly Deacon Installation Scheduler and Kevin Forge Warehouse Operative.

Prism Medical are proud to support a great many customers and local authorities in the South of England, and we have improved our Winchester facilities in order to enhance our service offering in the region.

Fully stocked training facility with bed, mobile hoist, ceiling track hoist, slings, stand aids, stairlift and through floor lift

It’s now easier and more convenient than ever for our clients to call in for a product demonstration, consultation, or chat and as we are acutely aware that a lot of our Care Providers that provide care in the community have limited training facilities – we also have a fully stocked training room facility and free meeting room space to offer.

New BDM Toby Lee with Regional Sales Manager Bev Robinson

At our Prism South Regional Centre, we have an experienced and qualified team who provide sound advice, technical support, and information around our extensive product range and training courses.

Bookable meeting room facility for you and your colleagues to use

The new facility is accessible for free to all our customers to take advantage of. This could be anything from assessing a sling to trying a stairlift, accommodating a team of care professionals or a private client. The centre can provide a storage facility for our customers that are working with recycling of equipment in our large warehouse.

London Team – BDM Geoff Lynch with assessors Dean Nelson and Tim Softly

Our Training/Product facility can be used by our customers when we are staging a product day, specific tailored Moving & Handling session or if they want to use our training room to conduct team meetings and have access to our equipment.

Functional bathroom and training facility with toilet, portable track hoist, changing bench and shower chair

The meeting room is ideal for any internal or external meetings, it comfortably accommodates between 6-12 people, has PowerPoint facility and refreshments can also be provided. Our Care Professionals and OTs can use this facility from just an hour or up to a full day at any one time. This facility is ideal to conduct CPD sessions whether they personally set the agenda content of session or utilise one of the Moving and Handling expert from HME Training. They could also accompany their Service Users to have individual assessment on site and book one of the experienced assessors.

South West assessor Andrew Legg and Neil Millin Major Project Manager South

Overall, the whole team is delighted to be involved in such exciting times and looking forward to ensuring 2018 will be a great year for us all.

Underpinning these exciting changes, our company vision remains the same, to transform the quality of life of people with health and mobility conditions by providing superior product solutions with exceptional levels of service, becoming the first choice supplier for home and long term care clients. Our customers are at the centre of what we do and we will continue to deliver with competence and finesse.

For enquiries on this exciting launch, or to take advantage of the new facilities please contact the Prism Medical South team on 01962 813351 or email [email protected]

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There’s a great 3 page feature in the May issue of Thiis Magazine, including an interview with Prism Medical UK’s CEO Stuart Meldrum

Click here for the online version and turn to page 44 to get the latest on our rapid expansion, commitment to UK manufacturing and local services as well as improving product range and customer service.

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Prism Medical UK were once again involved in an episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build, broadcast on Wednesday 1st February 2017 at 9:00pm on BBC1.

Alongside Nick Knowles, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his team, Prism helped to totally transform the family home of 18-year old Antonia Payne-Cheney.

Until the age of 14, Antonia was a healthy, normal and very active teenage girl. However, her health took a shocking turn. She began to feel very tired and had no energy at all. Gradually she became more and more exhausted and began to fall unconscious regularly.

As a result, Antonia was hospitalised and after many blood tests, was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Caused by a lack of collagen in the body. Ehlers-Danlos also causes problems with the digestive system meaning that Antonia is now no longer able to eat normally and is fed through a line directly in to her heart. An additional devastating facet of Ehlers-Danlos is a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) which causes Antonia to collapse and lose consciousness whenever she tries to stand and sometimes even sit upright, meaning that she cannot even wash herself without help.

Antonia’s POTS means that she must use a specially adapted wheelchair which keeps her legs elevated, preventing her from losing consciousness. The family home and garden wasn’t adjusted to Antonia’s needs, in terms of the lack of space and there not being a constant supply of oxygen, which was causing a real strain for all the family having to survive on camp beds in her hospital ward.

The DIY SOS team, alongside many volunteers and with the help of Prism Medical UK made a whole range of building adjustments and changes to help improve their living space, indoors and outdoors.



Brian Ruttle, Group Technical Support Manager, Prism Medical UK, was able to assist and advise the DIY SOS team on the installation and capabilities of the ceiling track hoist system, and stated: ‘Prism Medical UK were delighted to donate and install two Freeway TransactiveXtra ceiling track hoist H- systems H-system and one straight track hoist throughout the house. The systems will really contribute to Antonia’s care, comfort and quality of life and we are delighted to aid in beginning Antonia’s new life at home.’

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Moving, handling and bathing specialist Prism Medical UK has announced the launch of a new and pioneering Falls Recovery Sling.

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling allows carers to safely transfer a person who needs assistance immediately after a fall.

Manufactured from low friction material, the sling allows secure moving and sliding of an individual, so they can be comfortably transferred from the floor to a bed or chair.

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling is incredibly strong and has a maximum weight capacity of 200kg. (31.5 stone). The versatile design makes it suitable for both adults and children.

How the Freeway Falls Recovery Sling works:

The Freeway Falls Recovery Sling allows for the fallen person to be rolled onto the sling whilst in a lying position.

Once moved onto to the sling, the carer can easily slide the person to a more open area if required, for the suitable positioning of a hoist.

The person can then be safely hoisted up off the floor and transferred with comfort and ease into a chair or bed.

Freeway Falls Recovery Sling     Freeway Falls Recovery Sling   Freeway Falls Recovery Sling   Freeway Falls Recovery Sling


Additional benefits and features:

  • The sling is machine washable, with space saving storage and integral carry bag.
  • To allow for easy use by qualified carers, the Freeway Recovery Sling comes with a step by step pictorial guide.


More information on the Freeway Falls Recovery Sling can be found here

Or call our friendly team on 0845 409 2000

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50 jobs are being created in North and South Wales with the expansion of Prism Medical UK. Prism acquired Mackworth Healthcare earlier this year which has now become Prism’s Bridgend operations.
Prism received a funding package from the Welsh Government of £360,000 that has secured both sites with Prism Medical UK planning to expand both facilities which will safeguard 135 jobs and create fifty new jobs in total – 21 in Bridgend and 29 in Kinmel Bay.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said:

 ” Welsh Government support was critical in maintaining both operations in Wales and I am delighted with the outcome that will retain and create skilled employment in Rhyl and Bridgend. The company has experienced remarkable growth recently, both organic and through acquisitions, and is a most welcome addition to the thriving Welsh life sciences sector.”

Prism Medical’s two manufacturing sites are backed by a network of strategically located service centers providing national coverage across the UK. Prism invests in R&D to continue developing its existing products and to bring new products to the market.

Prism CEO, Stuart Meldrum added:

“It is no secret that Prism is on an ambitious growth trajectory and the funding support package from the Welsh Government will hopefully allow us to fulfill our desire to become the first choice provider of equipment for people with a range of disabilities.And with operations in both North and South Wales, Prism is also very proud to be generating a range of permanent and sustainable employment opportunities to local communities.”

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The moving and handling of people is a regular day-to-day task in a care home, which if not done safely, can cause serious injury to carers and the client being transferred.

Although moving and handling procedures have improved immensely in recent years, poor technique is still a common sight in care homes that are yet to adopt a much needed moving and handling training policy.

This provides a number of issues, including increased staff sickness, compensation claims, client injuries, and in some cases death, which can have a terrible impact on a care homes’ all important reputation.

A recent report from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) described how one care home group was prosecuted and fined £100,000 after an elderly resident fell from a hoist and died as a result of the sling being used incorrectly.

A similar incident was outlined in the Yorkshire Evening Post 2013 where a 100 year old great-grandmother died only a day after falling out of a sling that was used by carers who had not been properly trained to use the equipment.

Safe moving and handling techniques do not only prevent such tragedies, it also benefits the client in many ways, as they will experience increased comfort, dignity and in some cases, empowerment during the transfer.

Here at Prism, we understand the importance of ensuring care staff are well trained in moving and handling practices, which is why we offer a range of on-site and off-site training courses, including free product awareness sessions.

With such an extensive range of training sessions available, there really is no excuse for poor moving and handling techniques, which could seriously affect your staff, clients and ultimately your business.

Contact us today to
 find out more about the range of training courses that we offer. We can even deliver bespoke training specific to your needs.

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