In 2016, around 13% of adults worldwide were affected by obesity, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2021), characterising an abnormal excess of body fat posing health risks. Epidemiological studies indicate a steady rise in obesity prevalence in recent decades, reaching epidemic levels (Großschädl & Stronegger, 2019; NCD-RisC, 2017), with projections indicating a continued increase (Thomas et al., 2014).

The prevalence of obesity among residents in nursing homes is also on the rise, potentially impacting required nursing care, facility provisions, and morbidity rates. A US study revealed a significant increase in obesity prevalence among newly admitted nursing home residents, rising from 16.9% to 25.8% over ten years (Cai, Rahman et al., 2013). Additionally, residents with moderate or severe obesity had a 15.0% higher likelihood of developing pressure ulcers compared to non-obese residents in the same facility, highlighting associated health risks.

Woburn Ultimate bed frame
Prism A320B bariatric mobile hoist

Unfortunately, increased body mass often leads to reduced mobility, complicating care tasks such as repositioning and increasing the risk of secondary health issues, all contributing to pressure ulcer development risk factors.

Ensuring accessible care for all is paramount, particularly in private and non-purpose-built nursing homes. Considering these statistics, it’s evident that plus-sized patients require specialised care with the appropriate equipment. However, this presents its own challenges for both care homes and community equipment providers.

Sourcing the required equipment can be challenging. This leads to many care providers lacking the necessary equipment to support bariatric individuals, especially in larger quantities. This impacts timely care delivery, care home admissions, and patient discharge from hospitals.

Residences may also face infrastructure limitations hindering care for plus sized individuals further complicating care provision. Acute care environments recommend spacious rooms for plus sized patients, posing a further challenge for many long-term care settings (Muir, 2009).

At Prism Healthcare Group, we are dedicated to easing the burden of sourcing and fitting bariatric equipment, allowing caregivers to concentrate on delivering high-quality care. Our Prism Plus line features an extensive range of bariatric products designed to streamline selection, backed by knowledgeable customer service and sales teams ready to address any challenges.

Our products are designed to enhance the quality of life for residents and caregivers, ensuring equitable access to care and support.

For more information on Prism Plus products, please visit the Prism Healthcare website.

Arden Bariatric Rise and Recliner Chair


Großschädl, F., Schoberer, D., Eglseer, D., Lohrmann, C., Everink, I., Gordon, A. L., Schols, J. M. G. A., & Bauer, S. (2023). Obesity and its associated factors in older nursing home residents in three European countries—Secondary data analyses from the “International Prevalence Measurement of Care Quality”. International Journal of Older People Nursing, 18, e12530. 

Cai, S., M. Rahman and O. Intrator (2013). “Obesity and pressure ulcers among nursing home residents.” Medical care 51(6): 478-486.

Muir, M. (2009) “Space Planning for the Bariatric Patient.” Bariatric Times.

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In times of emergency, the safety and well-being of individuals with limited mobility is paramount. The Prism Evacuation System is a reliable solution when evacuating those in need.

1. What is the Prism Evacuation System?

The Prism Evacuation System is a specialised apparatus designed to ensure the swift and secure evacuation of individuals with limited mobility during emergencies. While emergency evacuations may be infrequent occurrences, it is vital to be prepared. This system has been meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and efficient means of transferring individuals to safety, particularly those with limited mobility.

Prism Evacuation System
The Prism Evacuation System allows for efficient transfer during an emergency.
Prism Evacuation System
The individual needing evacuation can be comfortably secured using the adjustable straps

2. How does the Prism Evacuation System work?

During an evacuation scenario, the Prism Evacuation System comes into its own by facilitating a safe and swift transfer process. The individual in need of evacuation can be comfortably secured within the system using its adjustable straps, after which they can be smoothly transported to a place of safety. Whether transitioning from a bed or another surface, the Prism Evacuation System provides the necessary support and ease of transfer, ensuring the user remains stable throughout the process.

The system incorporates bone supports, enhancing the protection and support offered during evacuation procedures.

3. What are the features and benefits of the Prism Evacuation System?

The Prism Evacuation System boasts a range of features that make it an ideal solution for emergency evacuations:

  • Safety First: With a robust, safe working load of 190 kg (30 stone), the system offers peace of mind to users and caregivers, ensuring safe and secure transfers.
  • Comfort and Security: The system is designed for user comfort, featuring adjustable padding that enhances comfort and safety during evacuation.
  • Multiple Grip Points: Vertical and horizontal looped handles are incorporated, providing caregivers with various secure grip points for more controlled and safer transfers.
  • Adaptability: The adjustable straps of the Prism Evacuation System can accommodate individuals of varying sizes, ensuring that it can be effectively used for a wide range of patients.
  • Hygiene and Maintenance: For ease of use and upkeep, the system is easily wiped clean, maintaining hygiene standards in all situations.
  • Compact and Convenient: When not in use, the Prism Evacuation System can be neatly stored in its carry case, ensuring that it is readily accessible when needed most.
Prism Evacuation System
Prism Evacuation System

The Prism Evacuation System offers a lifeline during emergencies, providing a secure and efficient means of evacuation. Whether in a healthcare facility, residential setting, or any environment where mobility is restricted, the Prism Evacuation System stands ready to ensure that those in need are swiftly and safely transported to safety.

Find out more about the Prism Evacuation System.

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Prism Medical UK is pleased to add Freeway Flow to its range of bathing aids. The new tilting shower cradle provides a secure and stable platform for showering, making it particularly advantageous for the elderly or disabled.

Freeway Flow shower cradleThe shower cradle is the natural progression for individuals who require more support and stability than a traditional shower chair can provide. Available in various widths, the cradle is designed to fit most showers and comes with a range of features that make it both comfortable and hygienic.

The shower cradle is easy to install and use, with a range of features that make it a comprehensive solution. These features include service-free, anti-tangle swivel castors that provide a smooth and effortless ride, an obvious red brake lever that makes it easy to tell whether the brake has been applied, and a hand lever tilting mechanism that allows the frame to tilt from 5 to 35 degrees, providing greater comfort and support for the user. The height-adjustable frame allows for manual height adjustment to three set heights in increments of 25mm, providing greater flexibility for the user.

Benefits of the Freeway Flow shower cradle include:

  • High quality – Manufactured in the UK from UK-sourced raw materials.
  • Durable – Built-to-last, stainless steel frame with non-rust components and long-lasting mesh.
  • Hygienic – Antimicrobial powder coating prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, while the removable cover is machine washable and easy to wipe clean.
  • Easy to use – Simple to operate hand lever and dual gas struts provide a smooth, reliable tilt. The colour-coded fabric helps to identify the fabric size quickly.
  • Service free – Anti-tangle castors prevent dirt and hair from clogging the wheels.
  • Comfort – The quick-drying mesh offers a comfortable resting position, and various sizes are available to suit the user.
  • Flexibility –The height can be changed to suit the environment and user needs and various accessories can be added to provide additional comfort and security.

Optional accessories include:

  • Padded upper or lower-side rail for an increased feeling of security
  • Head cushion for added comfort
  • Lap belt for additional security
  • Commode pan and tray kit
  • Aperture hole opening to allow for the addition of a commode pan

Overall, the shower cradle is an excellent option for individuals with limited mobility who want to maintain independence and dignity while bathing. Its various features, including the swivel castors, tilting mechanism, height-adjustable frame and removable mesh fabric, make it a versatile and convenient accessory for any bathroom.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our Freeway Flow shower cradle page or get in touch.

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We are confident in the exceptional quality of our UK-manufactured products, which is why we are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on an extensive range of Prism Medical UK equipment. Our new simplified offering means that from 1st April, all products will be covered by a 12-month or 5-year warranty.

Most of our products will have an impressive 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. Products covered by the 5-year warranty include:

5 Year Warranty
Freeway SA180C Stand Aid

Our reliable 12-month warranty will still cover our range of textile products. We understand that different products have different needs and want to ensure our customers get the coverage they deserve.

As a UK manufacturer, we are committed to providing quality products. We are thrilled to offer this simplified warranty to our customers and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits first-hand. Please shop confidently, knowing that we are committed to customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local representative.

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Prism Medical UK is pleased to be able to offer additional features to our popular Freeway shower chair range.

With its modular design, the Freeway Height Adjustable shower chair is a highly versatile assistant-propelled shower, toilet or commode chair and is available in various widths.

The design features anti-tangle swivel castors, which provide a smoother ride for the user and include an obvious red brake lever making it easy to see if the brake has been applied. The castor design also prevents the build-up of dirt and hair, ensuring the wheels don’t become blocked and reducing the need for ongoing maintenance.

Freeway T40 height-adjustable shower chair with anti-tangle castors
Freeway Height Adjustable shower chair
Benefits of the Freeway Height Adjustable shower chair:
  • High quality – Manufactured in the UK from UK-sourced raw materials.
  • Durable – Built-to-last, robot-welded steel frame and non-rust components.
  • Hygienic – Antimicrobial powder coating prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Service free – Anti-tangle castors prevent dirt and hair from clogging the wheels.
  • Modular design – Allows total configuration to suit the client’s needs.
  • Cost-effective – Parts can be easily added or changed to suit the client’s changing needs.
  • Comfort – A variety of seat options and sizes are available.
Configuration options on the Freeway Height Adjustable include:
  • Height-adjustable frame – The chair’s seat height can be adjusted from 510mm to 560mm in 25mm increments. This makes it easier to use with toilets of varying sizes, so it can be used to care for people with multiple needs and locations.
  • Seat choices – A range of options are available, including width, type and cover. This gives maximum comfort to the user and can be easily changed later.
  • Additional accessories – Various backrest, armrest and footrest options are available, allowing you to design a chair that meets the client’s needs and works in the space available.
If you’d like to learn more, please visit our website’s Freeway Height Adjustable shower chair page or get in touch.
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