The Yorkshire Lions Wheelchair Rugby Team faced their Second Division 3 Super Series North set of competitive games on the 5th March.

Victory was achieved against the Caledonian Crushers, beating them 73:11, with our very own Neil Foulds bagging over 30 goals.

The Yorkshire Lions fought bravely against the Liverpool Lions, but unfortunately lost the game to the experienced outfit.

The scorelines show that even in the last month the Yorkshire Lions have progressed by ‘pegging back’ Liverpool Lions to a smaller margin and scoring more than last time. The Yorkshire Lions also won against the Caledonian Crushers by a more significant margin.

The Final Super Series Division 3 will take place on the 16-17th March in Stoke-on-Trent.

The North and South pools of Division 3 all come together and all play each other in order to complete the results for Division 3 this year.

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